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Do you want to be an Italian?


How to be an Italian? Let us get to know these things. First thing in the first place, you should know their lingo. If you get yourself with at least simple phrases used in Italy, people will believe that you are really an Italian. Some basic words or phrases used in Italy are these: Ciao which means hello, comesta which means how are you, comestai for how are you, sto bene meaning I’m fine, grazie means thank you, prego meaning you are welcome and so on. Use more lingo use them as often as possibly you can when having a conversation.


A lot of times, you need to know how to use your hand gestures while having a conversation. There are hand gestures for I’m hungry, it is boring, it is delicious, are you crazy, perfect and more. Italians do not need to tell you what they feel and or want to say to you through words but by only using their hand gestures. Talking normally without hand gestures is a kind of weird to them.

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Italy is known as one of the top fashion capitals in the world. And you are treated differently depending on what kind of outfit you have. The more dressed you are the more attention you will have. In some cases, pickpocketing is a problem in Italy and most targets are tourists. So if you look like an Italian basing on your outfit, the lesser you will become a victim. Winter outfit in Italy are fitted pants, blouse or sweater, leather boots and wool coat.