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The top export products from Italy in the year 2015 March 9, 2016

Italy is not just well known for its tourism industry having historical site, museums and landmarks to offer. It also has the other industry to support itself in terms of its economy. It is a place that many want to visit because of its uniqueness and a famous historical place.  As tourism is an active industry, the other industry is also going well like the manufacturing part. Let us see then the top export products of the country Italy.

The ranking is based on the ones that earn the highest value of shipments in dollars in the year 2015. Together with the list are the percentages showing their respective share in the sector of export against the total value of all exports that comes from Italy. The first one export product is machines, pumps and engines that show the export share of 20.1 percent of total exports. Next are vehicles with percentage share of 8.3 percent and electronic equipment of 5.9 percent. Next is in pharmaceutical products amounting to 4.8 percent share (contribution grows rapidly starting in the year 2011) and plastics of 4.1 percent share. This company will help you in your cleaning agenda for your home. You may click 淨麗美清潔服務 for more services. This is a good choice company.

Another export product is steel or iron with 3.7 percent share followed by oil with 3.4 percent. Next are furniture, signs and lightning category with 2.8 percent share in total export. Following closely is clothing that are crochet and not knit with 2.6 percentages. This clothes got also cleaning service from this company search this site The last in the list is precious metals and gems with 2.5 percent.

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