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Arts and Architecture in Italy March 12, 2014

Italian art is a picture of the Renaissance art—paintings, architecture, sculpture. The beginning of the development and expenditure to humanism of the European continent began through Romans and Greeks. They have took the role in the discovery of science and philosophy. Thus, it is important to look back into the arts architecture of the Italians that we may treasure their contribution to the global humanism. Art and Architecture are something that possess beauty when seen through the naked eye.

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This is why people said that great artists still dwell in their land. In order to preserve their arts, they have put up museums where they could display the works of their people. Art in the first generation of the Renaissance era was first made famous by Masaccio who painted the life chapters of Peter in the Brancacci Chapel. From the beginning of the Renaissance era to its end, art works of Italian are mostly shown in the church.The Creation in the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel painted by Michaelangelo is another example.

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Italian Architecture on the other hand is seen everywhere in Italy. They could not help but display their own architectural styles through museums, parks, libraries and so on. Most of their architectural designs have become their tourist destinations. Example of this are: The Leaning Tower, The Colosseum, The Cinque Torre. The structure of the building of the Catholic Church. Almost all the Catholic Church buildings in Italy have the same structure but this is the way they would make their art genuine from others.

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