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Thinking like an Italian: sports that Italian likes October 22, 2013

When you want to be someone you try to imitate their actions and try to observe what are their actions, likes and habits. Example is an entertainer like an actor. When you admire him you would want to know more about him. His likes and dislikes in clothing, food, music or habit. You will try to be more like him by following what he does. Sometimes even the diet they have and the haircut and dance moves. You will spend much time practicing his lines and watching repeatedly his movies.

In line with that example, when you want to be much closer being an Italian, you must learn many things. The dress code, etiquette in many and different occasions, the culture and tradition they have, the language, the music genres they like and play and one that you are surely curious is the sports that Italian plays or likes. The famous and most loved sport in the country of Italy is football. The Italian team has garnered the position of the second place of the most successful team of football players in the history of the world cup. Here is a latest technology for you to have a hearing aid. Check over this site 台中 助聽器. This simply make the best hearing  aid technology for you.

Italians also like volleyball, basketball and also cycling. It does not stop as you can that they also love water polo, swimming, rugby union, fencing and tennis. If you love some of these you can research on where they most played and the teams so you can have more detailed understanding.

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