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Learning Italy in detail: the list of Italian cities February 20, 2013

Do you know each and every city in the country you belong to? How about the capital of each of the countries of the world? There can be many trivia that can be given even if the topic is only geography. As we are introducing the beautiful nation of Italy, we will give you more detailed knowledge about it. As we value your safe and adventurous travel we want you to be familiar as much as possible about Italy so that you will be relaxed and be stress free on your whole vacation time.

In the record there are twenty eight cities in Italy. Of course there are small and big ones according to land area or population. There are the famous ones and also less known cities. The city with the highest recorded population is the city of Milan with the number of 6,623,798 people. it is also the city with the largest area among the many cities. The second is Naples with around five million populations and the third with the highest population. Third is the city of Rome with nearly 4.5 million numbers of people. Next is the city of Turin followed by Venice-Padua, Florence, Bari, Palermo and Bologna. Your teeth caring will be protected in here. See this link here for the best dental service you might look for. A well respective dental unit caring assistance is provided in here.

Other cities are Catania, Brescia, Genoa, Messina-Reggio Calabria, Rimini, Modena and Verona. Visit also the link here 板橋 牙醫 to get the best dental services!. They are followed by cities with population of hundred thousand like Pisa-Livorno, Pescara, Versilia, Vicenza, Cagliari, Taranto, Trieste, Ancona, Perugia and Lecce. Other cities are not listed here but you can see some things worth knowing.

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